Yoga as we perceive

The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj’, which means “to join”. It is the union of body and mind.

In the following lines, I have made an attempt, putting across my own thought, observation and experience gained over the years of Yoga practice, to understand the meaning, philosophy and purpose of Yoga. Please observe the sequential and chronological analysis and hypothesis I have followed as you scroll down.

a) Yoga is a practice to make the body strong and flexible

b) Yoga improves functioning of respiratory, digestive and hormonal system. It increases the lubrication of joints, ligaments and tendons (tough band connecting muscle to bone) of the body.

c) Yoga brings stability to the body and the wavering mind.

d) Pranayama (being part of yoga practice) is the best exercises to increase the capacity of lungs. Through meditation and pranayama we can banish all our stress and lead a healthy life. \ It can reduce stress, thereby lowering anxiety and inducing relaxation.

e) Yoga Helps improve our concentration, devotion and dedication.

f) Yoga improves and helps develop self-confidence, dignity among ourselves, brings clarity of thought.

g) It helps to improve ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

h) It helps to improve and polish the good features/attributes in us and helps to reduce and ultimately eliminate bad traits in us.

i) Yoga helps to face any crucial/critical situation with ease and courage.

j) Helps to think and take rational decision based on analysis, logic and in an unbiased way; it teaches and guides us to achieve patience, forbearance and tolerance.

k) Yoga helps in getting over hatred, jealousy, possessiveness and removes negativity; helps embrace simplicity with high thinking.

l) Yoga is associated with a healthy lifestyle with a balanced approach to life.

m) Yoga fosters and promotes, develop love, affection, friendship, goodwill and empathy.

n) Yoga does not propagate any religion; it is not a religious practice.

o) Yoga helps broaden our outlook; Yoga postulates and helps develop universal brother-hood. Yoga is also about the union of a person’s own consciousness with the universal consciousness (being one with the universe!).

p) Yoga exercises and pranayama are means/tools to correct one’s outlook, to handle any difficult situation, develop balanced attitude and excel in life.

q) Practise of Yoga by community can effectively combat for all the present problems of man-kind like disintegration of families, social systems, disturbed mind leading to ailments, violence, ecological imbalance etc.

… Thus, as you practice, analyse and perfect the exercises and pranayama, and experience the associated benefits you would realize that Yoga not just a disciplined practice to keep you fit-n-trim or to cure ailments, it is indeed a way of life, a journey along life to shape and remain ourselves as good human beings …