About Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Yoga Kendra

Ours, a Unique and Model Yoga Kendra

  1. Placed on the serene altar blessed and surrounded with rare greenery and divinity – insulated from metropolis disturbance.
  2. Truly secular with people from all religion, gender, tradition, languages, culture, ethnic, age group, vocation, social status.
  3. A comity of enlightened yet simple souls, abundance in sharing and caring.
  4. Revered each other with respect, dignity, value, forbearance, tolerance, social harmony, mutual trust, compassion and above all, love.
  5. Overwhelmingly democratic, friends-first approach, young-at-heart, no boss, much less servants.
  6. Committed group, disciplinarians with passion to learn.
  7. Self Help Group; Co-operative in its true Movement.
  8. Reflects Gurukula – in terms of virtuous bonding relationship between Guru and Shishyas – goes beyond being a place of teaching and learning.
  9. Equality and balance between experienced and new thought, blend of wisdom, youth, energy and brilliance.
  10. We also teach Yoga and adopt Yoga as a way of life.
Our Yoga Kendra

Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Yoga Kendra is one of the oldest and recognized Yoga learning centres operating in Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Swamy Temple, 4th Main, Mahalaxmipuram, Bengaluru for over 25 years.

We commenced our yoga class in a humble way during 1995 with 5 students and in a thatched construction. Ever since then, we have come a long way to be known today as a well organized and recognized Yoga Kendra in no Bangalore. We have so far taught and trained thousands of students in various facets of Yoga.

Our yoga Kendra is spacious, ventilated and is placed on elevated platform amidst serene and green atmosphere. We have senior and experienced instructors and we are equipped with required tools, teaching aids and library. Ours is a self-help group, non-profit, democratic yet informal organization. We adopt Sage Patanjali Maharshi’s Astanga Yoga and extensively follow Yogacharya BKS Iyengar’s way of teaching.

We hold four world records from India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records for following achivements:
a) 1,009 Surya Namaskars performed by 144 yoga practitioners for 15 hours and
b) 144 students performing 17,43,552 yoga postures continuously for 15 hours

Our Activities
  1. Conduct of training, seminar, workshops on Yogasana, Mudra, Pranayama, Reiki and Pranic Healing;
  2. Coaching yoga and popularizing yoga technique at various schools, colleges and factories and organizations particularly during the month June every year as a part of celebrating International Yoga Day.
  3. Identifying and honouring experienced Yoga Experts and social workers .
  4. Performing 1,008 Suryanamaskaras on Rathasaptami Day every year (during February month)Participating in Regional, State and National Level Yoga Competitions and performing Yoga formations unique to our Yoga Kendra.
  5. Participation in cultural programs/competitions arranged by reputed organizations such as Ramana Maharshi Institute of Learning, Rajini Kalakendra; participation in many District, State and National Level Yoga Competitions.
  6. As part of Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, undertake cleaning Temple and park around our Yoga Kendra.
  7. Regularly conducting Blood Donation Camps at periodic intervals.
  8. Regular Visit and giving financial help to a) old-age homes b) orphanages c) blind school d) spastic and mentally challenged children.
  9. Visit and providing financial help to Vanavasi Kendra students and Ashraya Foundation in Belgaum who are helping and providing job to HIV positive girls.
  10. Contributing moneys to Army Welfare Funds and Ramakrishna Mutt.
  11. Joining hands with Yuva Brigade in community development / help.
  12. Planting saplings; Over years, hundreds tree planted.
  13. Supply of groceries, food and clothing to people in flood affected areas in Karnataka.
  14. Supply of groceries and food to people stay in hutments in Bangalore in 2020 and 2021 (during Covid-19 pandemic period).
  15. Providing TV and Radio programs on Yoga, Pranayama as well as on emotional counseling.
  16. Arrange lectures and demonstrations from eminent people in different walks of life on various topics.
  17. Even during Covid-19 pandemic conducted 25 lectures on various topics through webinars.
  18. Periodically arrange lecture demonstrations and workshops to students on Study Skills and help them face and prepare for competitive examination.
  19. Propagate and inculcate sense of national pride and culture among public and in particular students, and youth.
  20. Educational Excursions and exploratory expeditions; visit to meditation and learning centres such as Pyramid ISRO, Bangalore, Valley in Bangalore, Prashanthi Kutiram, the Yoga University in Jigani near Bangalore.

Meet our Teachers


Nagesh Rao K.N

Education: BCom, DSP, DEE, DBA, LLB, FCS, FCMA.

After having served for 45 years both in Government and Corporate Sector he retired as VP Finance and Secretary at Easun Reyrolle Limited, a listed Company. He has extensively travelled both in India and overseas on business. Presently he is practising as a Company Secretary.

His association with social organizations – 1) Secretary of GRICP (Government Diploma College) Alumni Association. 2) Treasurer, MKL Balaga (NGO), an NGO helping students and involved in community activities. 3) Involved in activities of ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India) of Bangalore Chapter. 4) Coaching and training students in Yoga for about 15 years; also won prizes at national and state level yoga championships.


As his hobbies, Nagesh is learning Veena instrument; maintains good garden. He has donated blood on more than 45 occasions.

Prasanna Kumar K.R

Education: BCom.
Prasanna K R

He is engaged in business as Managing Director of Om Vijayalakshmi Chits Pvt Ltd and Vijayalakshmi Financiers (since 30 years). He has been serving as Director of Vasavi Credit Co-operative Society Karnataka Chitsters Association.

He is the General Secretary of Akhila Karnataka Financiers Association (since 2008), after serving the same Association as Treasurer for 12 years (1998-2007). Won many prizes at State and National Level Yoga Competitions

As a part of his social and religious activities Mr Prasanna is serving for more than 2 decades at Sri Vasavi Temple, and Vasavi Seva Samithi at Mahalaxmipuram, Bangalore.

Mr. Rajan N

Education: Mechanical Engineer

An entrepreneur and businessman, he is the Partner of M/s Chempharm Industrial Vessels, Peenya, Bangalore manufacturing sophisticated Process Equipment; employing 25 people.

He has been practising and teaching Yoga for over 12 years. Reading, Photography are his hobbies. Mr Rajan is keen in the study/exploration of nature, its conservation and preservation as well as the development of Science and technology.

Mr. Vidya Shankar A.G

He is Wholesale Rice Merchant at RMC Yard, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore. He was fortunate to learn Yoga under the tutelage of Yogaacharya Sri B K S Iyengar at Rashtrothana Sharirika Shikshana Kendra.

With the blessings of Guruji Sri Gopinath, he has been teaching Yoga for over eight years including giving coaching at Yoga Chethana Kendra, Gayathrinagar since three years. Participated at many National and State Level Yoga Championships and won prizes. Being a philanthropist he is interested in social work.