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26th and 27th May 2024 visit to Isha Foundation, Velliangiri Mountain and temples

On 26th May we 69 voga friends visited to Isha Foundation Coimbatore.

Here we paid respect to :
  • Dhyanalinga
  • Yogeshwar Linga and Saptarshis
  • Linga Bhairavi
  • Surya and Chandra Teerthakundas
  • Naga Shrine
  • Nandi
  • The 112 ft-tall majestic Adiyogi – The Source of Yoga
We also attended a 30-minutes Free Yoga Session. In the evening we had a get-together to celebrate Birthday of our beloved Karmayogi -Narayana Reddy.

A life-ime challenging trekking experience to Vellangiri near Isha Foundation Combatore

On May 27th, 33 of us took the Adventure Velliangiri trek Climbing of these hils was dangerous, with steep climbs, and high steps. The top 7th hill was windy and chill and because of rain the stretch was indeed very slippery. On the return we had stunning views of nature On average, we took 15 hours to compete the trek (both ways). Velliangiri comprises seven hills and symbolically represents the Seven Chakkras (energy centres) in the human body. The Lord of Velliangir resides in the seventh hil in the form of a ‘Swayambhu’ – situated at alttude of 6000 feet at a distance of 6 km from base of the hill.

Visit by other set of 35 friends (30 ladies and 5 gents) on 27* May

Around 9.30 the team left Isha Foundation in two mini buses to see Kovai Coutralam Falls. Since the water falls were closed for maintenance, quite a few of them went down to Chittar River to take dip and play in the exhilarating water. The team visited the Marudhamalai Temple and had darshan of Lord Shanmukhal After lunch around the team visited Thiruchithambalam Shivam Temple and had darshan of mythical Lord Shiva.
After successful Coimbatore visit we took two KSRTC buses at 9.45 pm and returned Bengaluru safe at 6.30 am on 29* May.

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