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Educative Workshop On Financial Wellness

Educative Workshop On Financial Wellness

Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Yoga Kendra organized an educative workshop on the topic “Financial Wellness” on 15 Feb 2020. The 90 minute-workshop conducted by Mr Karanth of PoAncho Solutions provided helpful tricks and tools to implement saving and investing mechanisms. Dividing savings at three different buckets Mr Karanth mentioned that in the Bucket 1, one should save for emergency, fund to meet the cash requirement of living for a future period of 6 to 12 months. Bucket 2 savings should be invested which can be locked for period 1 year to 5/10 years. Bucket 3 investment should be for longer period to take care of necessities and comforts during retirement period. Apart from making the participants learn how to manage, save and invest money, Mr Karanth emphasized that a) savings should be commenced sooner a person starts earning b) use of credit/debit cards should be avoided (to buy luxury items on credit) and c) purchase should be discrete, need-based and should not be impulsive / emotional.

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