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Making Of Eco-Friendly Ganesha

Making Of Eco-Friendly Ganesha

Friends of Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Yoga Kendra had an unique group activity of creating eco-friendly Ganesha idol using clay and agricultural grains.
  1. We experienced, creation of Ganesha (idol), who is the repository of knowledge, in itself is a form of prayer & worship; it gave us a sense joy, fervor and celebration.

  2. While we could visualize the divinity in the creation of idols, every Yoga friends could explore and polish their artistic work in preparing Ganesha out of clay.

  3. From among our Yoga friends, Dr Sharmila and and Mrs Latha demonstrated creation of Ganesha idols and guided other students to prepare 16 different models of Ganesha Idols.

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