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Preserve The Environment By Planting Medicinal Saplings

Preserve Environment by planting Medicinal saplings

As a part of their social service and in an effort to preserve environment, friends of Sri Prasanna Veeranjaneya Yoga Kendra –
  •  planted 110 medicinal saplings at 25-acre-land at Kadubagere on Magadi Road, off Bangalore (land owned and preserved developing a medicinal-plant park by Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Limited – KAPL)
  • visited and spent 3-hour time with inmates of Gandhi Vriddhashrama, (an old-age home built on 3/4th of an acre land on Magadi Road) with 125 inmates, developed and maintained by Sri Ugraiah.

Highlights of the above activities:

  • Celebration of Birthday of Epitome of Joy, Aastha daughter of beloved Balesh before we commenced planting saplings at Kadubagere site.

  • Thanks to KAPL, Enthusiastic Yoga Friends planted rare and unique medicinal plants from across 19 varieties brought from Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions, Yelahanka (FRLHT).

  • It was eye-opener for many of us to hear stories of the inmates of the Gandhi Oldage Home to understand

  • The turmoil in the family
  • The disgust of the old people who would have sacrificed everything for their children and yet to face
  • Physical and mental disability they are facing
  • The rejections and removal of the elders from the family scene
  • How these less-fortunate citizens are making friendship amongst themselves and peacefully spending their time.
We also witnessed how benevolent Sri Rudiah, and his team are taking care with utmost love the weak and sick senior citizens and giving them family atmosphere. Given below are a few frames captured during our above satisfying deeds.

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