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Yoga Is Another Name For Pure Living – Lecture By Sri K Rangaraja Iyengar

Yoga is another name for pure living – Lecture by Sri K Rangaraja Iyengar

​​Lecture and demonstration program by Sri K Rangaraja Iyengar, Illustrious Yoga Mudra Expert and President, Vikasa Vidya Kendra, & JGRVK (CBSE) School, Bangalore on the topic Scientific approach to Practice of Yoga and Yoga Mudras. Sri K Rangaraja Iyengar speaking eloquently for over 3 hours traced the origin of Yoga Practice to Mahabharatha and Vedic times. Some of the annectodes of Sri Ranjaraja Iyengar Lecture were :
  • Yoga is another name for pure living;
  • Human body is is the dwelling place of gods; person can find presence of entire world in ones body;

On Mudras :

  • There are 72,000 energy points, namely Naadies in our body;
  • Mudras and Bandhas activate these Naadies. With long practice of Mudras we can keep our mind balanced and body without disease.
  • Mudras are the gestures of Specific folds, mutual positioning or postures of thumb with various fingers representing a particular element would remove specific imbalances.

Tracing the origin to Ayurveda system, Sri Iyengar mentioned that:

  • Human body is made of 5 basic elements namely fire, air, ether (aakash), earth and water. These basic elements which constitute our body are represented by our hands(fingers) . Any imbalance in these basic elements is the cause of disease.  Sri Iyengar cited examples of cases where patients with chronic diseases have been cured with dedicated practice of Yoga Mudras.

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