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Inauguration Of A Vibrant 12′ X 8′ Size OM-Painting In The Yoga Kendra.

Inauguration of a vibrant 12′ X 8′ size OM-painting in the Yoga Kendra.

​​ In the words of great Sage Patanjali, ‘Om’ is the voice of God, chanting of which is done in depth, helps one overcome all obstacles. Meditating upon ‘Om’, purifies the mind, frees it from distraction and consequently leads the soul towards the tranquil state. Talented Painter and our Yoga friend Sri Lakshmanan Kabade, with the help of other students, worked for more than 7 days to complete the task. We are happy, the whole concept, design, planning and execution of the master-piece were done by our Yoga Kendra Friends, be it erection of cement-board, designing art, painting, special light arrangement or covering design with Satin-blue cloth.

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